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    Being on the first page of Google is like having 15 minutes of fame. The vast majority of visits would come from Google. These are the 5 most important aspects we have to take in mind.


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Wednesday, July 06, 2011

How to Be on the First Page of Google

Being on the first page of Google is like having 15 minutes of fame. The vast majority of visits would come from Google.

When your website or blog ranks at the top, the possibility that the surfer comes to your site is very high, even more than advertising. Users tend to click on search results rather than promoted links.
We are more predisposed to that Google say us, this site has what you want.

Make a website appear at the top is a task that employs thousands of professionals, some of which are devoted exclusively.

Neither Google or Yahoo or MSN, reveal their secret of how to sort the results. Not indicated for many reasons, but the main one is that if known, the search engine would lose validity as the first results would not be there for their value but for the webmaster's ability to be located first.

And this leads us to identify the main force for a good place: the value of the site. Value by its content, and value given by other sites.

Google and the search engines read your site regularly to create an index of words used, frequency, density and relevance with which they appear in its pages.
When we do a search, the search engine goes this index to find which sites contain these words, and enhances the position as the score obtained with these attributes.

If a site links to another site, Google says it is taking a vote, and if the site has many links, the vote becomes more important.
But abuse is penalized, practices used by black hat SEO, for example, create thousands of artificial links to a site, it's usually bad for your site.

Create value in your site and rely on the organic SEO, improves the image of your site, and will bring an increase in visits.

In very simplified form, these are the 5 most important aspects we have to take in mind:

1 - The name of the pages, the URL is extremely important.

It is very important the domain name of the site as much as the individual name of the pages.
For Google, if a site is called www.recipes.com, the search engine initially assumed that the site is important and relevant to someone looking for "recipes".

Assuming that two pages have the same content but one is called www.recipes.com/spanishrecipes.html and the other is called www.recipes.com/845ug74pnw.html, the first has many more chances of being first in the list of results because the google software relates the name of the page to the search.

What is recommended is that the name of the page take the title of the content to facilitate to Google the task of finding.

2 - The amount of content.

The amount of site content is extremely important. The more pages you have in your site, more chances are that Google see any of our pages. So write and write again. It's that simple.

3 - Quality of content.

For Google is very important what the texts say, starting with the name of the site, the page name, title, body, the tags and meta tags.
Therefore it is important that before entering any text to our site we put in mind of the user of Google that is doing the search.

The goal is to try to incorporate in all texts of the website keywords, exact phrases or words that the user is putting on the search engine.

4 - Links from other sites that refer to our site.

The balance between incoming links (sites that referred to us) and outgoing links (sites to which we refer).

This makes Google assume that our site is very relevant, because other sites cite our site.
The quality of these links has to do with contextuality of the content. If I have a cooking site, is more important to get a link from another cooking site that a cars site.

5 - The antiquity of our site.

Another factor important for Google. The time will become more important your site. If your site is new, you only can be patient and work hard. Or if you have money to spend, you can buy a site already established and improve it. It is something that many people do.

I hope these tips have been helpful and you can improve your sites!

If you want more info you can read the SEO Guide for Beginners

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Muhammad Arsalan said...

Awesome information to know, you can bet that I’ll return so I can learn more ways to make money! Thanks for sharing.

Manuel said...

Thanks Muhammad. I'm glad the article was useful for you.

See you soon!

Mauritiusl said...

This is a nice post actually. Simple and straight forward. So many are struggling to be on first page Google!

TopherBricks said...

Love the 15 minutes of fame comparison! Lots of competition for the top Google ranking, but with your SEO Services tips and some hard work and dedication, everyone can get there! It's definitely worth it!

april said...

interesting and useful info ... thank you ... | how to be on google first page

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I found this blog post through Google and I love your contents here.
Thanks for sharing such informative articles and I will make sure visit some other blog post on your websites to read more.
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AuroIN LLC said...

Good content updated regularly is the key point to make the web on Google first page. It is better if your article is originally in writing and idea. If you have to take idea from other sites, then rewriting is the only one way to make your article original.

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